Toward Common Sense and Common Ground?: Remarks from Vice Chancellor Strine

The Law School’s Program on Corporate Governance has recently issued a discussion paper by Vice Chancellor Leo Strine, Toward Common Sense and Common Ground? Reflections on the Shared Interests of Managers and Labor in a More Rational System of Corporate Governance.  The paper presents the Vice Chancellor’s recent remarks at the Spring Banquet for the Journal of Corporation Law at the University of Iowa College of Law.  The Abstract is as follows:

In this essay, Vice Chancellor Strine reflects on the common interests of those who manage and those who labor for American corporations.  The first part of the essay examines aspects of the current corporate governance and economic environment that are putting management and labor under pressure.  The concluding section of the essay identifies possible corporate governance initiatives that might–by better focusing stockholder activism in particular and corporate governance more generally on long-term, rather than short-term, corporate performance–generate a more rational system of accountability, that focuses on the durable creation by corporations of wealth through fundamentally sound, long-term business plans.

The full essay is available for download here.  The essay will be appearing in the Journal of Corporation Law with responses by a number of prominent commentators.  In a subsequent post, Guest Contributor Hillary Sale will offer some background on that issue of the Journal and the responses to the Vice Chancellor’s remarks.

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