Storming the Castle

Lawdragon has just published Storming the Castle, a six-part profile on the sweeping curricular changes that have generated unprecedented participation by practitioners in the newest offerings in corporate law coursework here at Harvard.  The profile offers a detailed look at Mergers, Acquisitions, and Split-Ups, a course co-taught by Professor Robert Clark and Vice Chancellor Leo Strine, and emphasizes the corporate governance events held last year at the law school as part of the course.  The first part of the article, which focuses on the course in general–and the influence of practitioners’ insights on the curriculum–is available here

Later this month, I will add details on the exciting events held on campus last year as part of the course, which featured expert panelists in nearly every field related to corporate governance.  We’ll also post videos of the panels and discuss Lawdragon‘s coverage of the events.  In the meantime, our readers can find the full article here.

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