The Annual Meeting of ALEA

Editor’s Note: This post is from Lucian Bebchuk of Harvard Law School.

This post is a call for papers for the annual meeting of the American Law and Economics Association. The meeting, which is expected to include at least 8 sessions on subjects in the corporate field, will take place this spring at Columbia Law School on May 16-17, 2008. The meeting will bring together researchers from law schools, economics departments, business schools, and elsewhere to present and discuss current projects on a wide range of topics in the field of law and economics. The conference is expected to have two or more sessions in each of the following areas of the corporate field: Corporate Law and Corporate Governance: Policy and Theory; Corporate Law and Corporate Governance: Empirical; Corporate and Securities Law: Comparative and International; and Securities Regulation, Financial Institutions, and Capital Markets Regulation.

Authors are invited to submit their papers electronically at the Association’s website. This website also includes further information about the submission process and the meeting, as well as about prior meetings of the Association. The deadline for submission of papers is Monday, January 28, 2008. For readers interested in attending the meeting, we will post the program in several weeks.

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