The Fund Industry: How Your Money is Managed

The following post comes to us from Sean Cameron, a fixed income portfolio manager at PIMCO based in New York, and reviews a recent book by Forum contributor Robert Pozen.

Robert Pozen and Theresa Hamacher’s The Fund Industry: How Your Money is Managed provides keen insights into the evolution of the money management industry. Pozen and Hamacher offer readers a comprehensive roadmap toward understanding the various types of funds offered for investors. Beneficial both for experienced investors looking to refine their understanding of how the funds they invest in operate and beginning investors looking to make informed decision about the suite of investment products available to them, The Fund Industry provides easily readable and relevant information on this rapidly evolving industry.

Pozen himself brings to the book his perspective both as Chairman Emeritus of MFS Investments as well as Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, offering valuable insights as an experienced practitioner and educator. Hamacher also brings three decades of experience in the money management business to light in offering her wisdom for readers.

The result is a book that offers a one-stop depository of data and commentary on the inner workings of the fund industry from the vanilla to the exotic. The Fund Industry navigates deftly questions that stymie even seasoned investors – such as how exactly the $1 NAV is upheld for money market funds, key differences between closed-end funds and ETFs, the proliferation of alternative investment vehicles such as hedge funds, the internationalization of mutual funds, and the behind-the-scenes operational and financial details of mutual funds.

A must read for those interested in learning more about the industry that manages over $20 trillion in assets, The Fund Industry deserves praise. The book will remain a cornerstone in the library of investors for years to come.

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