The HLS Forum Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary

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Today, the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation is pleased to mark its tenth anniversary. Established in 2006 by Professor Lucian Bebchuk and the Harvard Law School Program on Corporate Governance, the Forum has become the leading online resource, and the central outlet for the exchange of ideas and debate, in the fields of corporate governance and financial regulation.

Each month, the Forum features over 60 posts authored by scholars and practitioners on a wide range of topics. To date, the Forum has published more than 5,000 posts by close to 4,000 contributors, including prominent academics, public officials, executives, legal and financial advisors, institutional investors, and other market participants. While most posts are solicited by the editors, the Forum welcomes submissions of unsolicited posts for consideration by the editors.

The Forum now attracts more than 85,000 unique visits a month, and its posts have been cited in more than 350 academic articles and regulatory documents. It has established itself as the go-to outlet for readers seeking to follow the full range of new research and thought leadership, legal developments, and debate in corporate governance and financial regulation. In a recent article about the Forum that appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of the Harvard Law Bulletin, Chief Justice Leo Strine observed that “[i]t is amazing to see the [Forum] become required reading among the intelligentsia … of corporate governance.”

In addition to being published on the Forum’s homepage, the Forum’s posts are also distributed via Twitter (where the Forum has over 9,500 followers), LinkedIn, and Facebook. Over 4,500 readers also subscribe to the Forum’s daily email announcement of new posts (signup instructions available here).

The Forum’s current editors are Scott HirstKobi Kastiel, Greg Shill, Christopher Small, and Aluma Zernik. Former editors now working in academia or practice include Professors Robert Jackson (Columbia), James Naughton (Northwestern), Yaron Nili (Wisconsin), Noam Noked (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Holger Spamman (Harvard), and Andrew Tuch (Washington University).

The success of the Forum has been made possible by the contribution of numerous authors of posts, and by the engagement of our ever-growing readership. As we celebrate a decade of publishing, we are deeply grateful for the support of our contributors and readers.

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