HLS Corporate Faculty Excels in SSRN’s 2023 Citation Rankings

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Statistics released by the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) indicate that, as of the end of 2023, Harvard Law School Corporate Faculty featured prominently on SSRN’s law author rankings. These professors captured seven of the top 100 slots among the top 100 law authors in all legal areas in terms of citations to their work.

Professor Lucian Bebchuk was ranked second among all law school professors in all fields. His papers, available on his SSRN page here, were reported to have a total of 4,123 citations.

In addition to Professor Bebchuk, six other professors associated with the Harvard Law School Program on Corporate Governance are included among SSRN’s 2023 top 100 law authors:

No corporate faculty group at any other law school matches this level of citation prominence. After Harvard comes Columbia with five faculty members on the top-100 list (Justin McCrary, Ranked 19, Ron Gilson, ranked 34, John Coffee, Ranked 41, Jeff Gordon, Ranked 94, and Katharina Pistor, Ranked 94). NYU is represented by two faculty members (Steven Choi, Ranked 63, and Marcel Kahan, Ranked 65). Finally, several other law schools are represented by one faculty member each – Northwestern (Bernard Black, Ranked 5), Vanderbilt (Randal Thomas, Ranked 21), Berkeley (Frank Partnoy, Ranked 30), Stanford (Ron Gilson, ranked 34), Virginia (Mitu Gulati, Ranked 40), Yale (Roberta Romano, Ranked 56), Michigan (Adam Pritchard, Ranked 71), UCLA (Stephen Bainbridge, 78), and Penn (Jill Fisch, Ranked 99).

SSRN is the leading electronic service for social science research. As of the end of 2023, its electronic library contained over 1,321,476 full-text documents by more than 1,512,000 authors. SSRN’s 2023 rankings in terms of citations are available here.

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