H1 2022 Review of Shareholder Activism

Mary Ann Deignan is Managing Director; Rich Thomas is Managing Director and Head of European Shareholder Advisory; and Christopher Couvelier is Managing Director at Lazard. This post is based on a Lazard memorandum by Ms. Deignan, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Couvelier, Emel Kayihan, Antonin Deslandes, and Leah Friedman.

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Observations on Global Activism Environment H1 2022

Activity Slows vs. Q1 but Remains Robust

  • Despite a challenging investing environment in 2022, activity remains elevated—Q2 was the second most active quarter in the past five quarters
  • Global campaign activity for Q2 (53 campaigns) down 27% vs. Q1, in line with Q1/Q2 pattern of recent years
  • Regionally, the decline was most acute in the U.S., where activity materially declined by 50%
  • By contrast, Europe saw a strong Q2 with a 33% increase over Q1 levels

Technology Repositions as the Most Active Sector

  • Technology companies accounted for 1 out of every 4 activist targets in Q2, resulting in Technology being the most targeted sector in H1
  • Software, Services and Internet were the most active subsectors
  • Primary activist objectives in Technology campaigns are in line with key themes across other sectors, with M&A, strategy and capital allocation dominating the narrative 

First Timers Break Records and Diversify the Field

  • First time activists accounted for 37% of all activists launching campaigns in H1, the highest level in recent years
  • In addition, campaigns were more dispersed across the universe of activists, with the top 5 most prolific activists accounting for 19% of all campaigns in H1, which is below the concentration levels observed over the past 5 years
  • The H1 top activists feature a broad range of investor types including established global players, regional and sector focused funds, and increasingly active ESG specialists and occasional activists

European Activity at Record Levels

  • Campaigns continued to climb in Europe, reaching a record 35 for H1 (up 67% vs. H1 2021)
  • The impact of macroeconomic events was felt differently in Europe, translating into varied levels of activism across the continent
  • French campaigns were significantly over-represented (~20% of European campaigns), as some of the largest companies found themselves in the crosshairs, while German campaigns (~6%) represented less than half of the country’s traditional contribution

Campaign Demands Reflect Current Market and Economic Conditions

  • The challenging macroeconomic and investing environment influenced activists’ demands in H1 2022
  • The number of “sell the company” demands was 7 in Q2, bringing the H1 total to 16, as activists pushed the M&A option as an alternative to what they perceived as failed stand-alone strategies
  • As the economic outlook deteriorated through Q2 there was increased focus on strategy and operations (21% of campaigns in Q2 vs. 14% in Q1) and capital allocation policies (17% of campaigns in Q2 vs. 10% in Q1)

Settlements Continue to be Preferred Route to Board Representation

  • Continuing 2021’s trend, a historically high proportion of Board seats (91% of the 75 total Board seats won) were secured via settlement agreements
  • Only 7 proxy fights went to a final vote in Q2, bringing the H1 total to 9, in line with recent historical H1 levels and suggesting that a contested vote is a high-risk outcome for both companies and activists
  • Icahn has been the most successful at obtaining Board representation in H1, with 9 Board seats, all via settlement


The complete publication, including footnotes, is available here.

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