Weekly Roundup: February 26-March 4, 2021

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This roundup contains a collection of the posts published on the Forum during the week of February 26-March 4, 2021.

New Tactics and ESG Themes Change the Direction of Shareholder Activism

How Boards Can Prepare for Activism’s Next Wave

Recent Proxies Highlight COVID-Related Incentive Actions for FYE Companies

Intelligently Evolving Your Corporate Compliance Program

An Introduction to Activist Stewardship

SEC Division of Corporation Finance Directed to Focus on Climate-Related Disclosures

Biden’s “Money Cop” to Shine a Light on ESG Disclosure

Climate Risk and the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

SEC Acknowledges that Disgorgement Principles Apply to Administrative Proceedings

Gender Quotas and Support for Women in Board Elections

2021 Global and Regional Trends in Corporate Governance

2021 Compensation Committee

Duty and Diversity

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