Weekly Roundup: April 22-28, 2022

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This roundup contains a collection of the posts published on the Forum during the week of April 22-28, 2022.

SEC Rules Would Make SPAC Process More Burdensome than Traditional IPOs

Liability for Non-Disclosure in Equity Financing

California Court Finds California Board Diversity Law Unconstitutional

SPACs Remain in the SEC’s Crosshairs

The SEC’s Proposed Rules for P4P Disclosures

Litigation Risks Posed by “Greenwashing” Claims for ESG Funds

AI Oversight Is Becoming a Board Issue

Creditor Deemed a Controller by Dint of Its Voting Power

ESG and Climate Change Blind Spots: Turning the Corner on SEC Disclosure

Top 5 SEC Enforcement Developments

The Corporate Calendar and the Timing of Share Repurchases and Equity Compensation

Q1 2022 Review of Shareholder Activism

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