Weekly Roundup: August 14–20, 2020

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This roundup contains a collection of the posts published on the Forum during the week of August 14–20, 2020.

Managerial Duties and Managerial Biases

The Other “S” in ESG: Building a Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chain

Seeing Through the Regulatory Looking Glass: PCAOB Inspection Reports

Emerging ESG Disclosure Trends Highlighted in GAO Report

Trends in U.S. Director Compensation

Update on Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

Testing the Theory of Common Stock Ownership

Investors and Companies Can Drive ESG Metrics Forward Together

SEC Tightens Regulations on Proxy Advisory Firms

The SEC Takes Action on Proxy Advisory Firms

Comment on the Proposed DOL Rule

Chancery Court Rules That Pre-Closing Attorney Client Privilege Over Deal Related Communications Stays with Sellers

A Controller’s Direct Discussions With Minority Stockholders May Render MFW Unavailable

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