Weekly Roundup: March 19–25, 2021

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This roundup contains a collection of the posts published on the Forum during the week of March 19-25, 2021.

Equality Metrics

Delaware Court Enjoins Poison Pill Adopted in Response to Market Disruption

Gensler and SEC’s 2021 Examination Priorities Highlight ESG and Climate Risk

Poison Pills After Williams: Not Only for When Lightning Strikes

Speech by Commissioner Roisman on ESG Regulation

Corporate Officers Face Personal Liability for Steering Sale of the Company to a Favored Buyer

Common Ownership and Competition in the Ready-to-Eat Cereal Industry

Are Women Underpriced? Board Diversity and IPO Performance

Activist Shareholder Proposals and HCM Disclosures in 2021

Protests from Within: Engaging with Employee Activists

Behavioral Psychology Might Explain What’s Holding Boards Back

The Distribution of Voting Rights to Shareholders

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