Weekly Roundup: October 15–21, 2021

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This roundup contains a collection of the posts published on the Forum during the week of October 15–21, 2021.

Delaware Decision Deals with Director Independence

A Guide for Boards and Companies Facing Ransomware Demands

Board Refreshment and Succession Planning in the New Normal

SEC Enforcement Order Highlights Risks of Data-Based Market Intelligence

SEC Comments on Climate Change Disclosure

2021 Corporate Governance Trends in the Retail Industry

Are Star Law Firms Also Better Law Firms?

How to Translate ESG Imperatives into Executive Compensation

Expanding Proxy Voting Choice

Statement by Commissioners Peirce and Roisman on Staff Report on Equity and Options Market Conditions in Early 2021

Court of Chancery Upholds Enforcement of Advance Notice Bylaw

The Capital Structure Puzzle: What are We Missing?

Sustainability Reporting: A Gap Between Words and Action

Boeing: Rejecting Early Dismissal of Claims Against Directors for Inadequate Risk Oversight

Team Production Revisited

Speech by Commissioner Lee on Action on Climate

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