Weekly Roundup: May 1–7, 2020

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This roundup contains a collection of the posts published on the Forum during the week of May 1–7, 2020.

A New Era For Activist Defense: Going Beyond the Relics of the 80s

Institutional Investors Signal: A Mix of Tougher Standards and Heightened Flexibility for the 2020 Proxy Season

Anticipated Securities Litigation in Response to the Pandemic

COVID-19 and Capital Allocation

Blood in the Water: COVID-19 M&A Implications

The Corporation as a Nexus for Regulation

The Pandemic is the Litmus Test of Stakeholderism

New or Updated Non-GAAP Financial Measure for COVID-19

Chairman Clayton’s Remarks to the Special Meeting of the Investor Advisory Committee

Considerations on Non-Employee Director Compensation

The Return of Poison Pills: A First Look at “Crisis Pills”

Board Members Preparedness for Major Risk Event Like COVID-19

Taking the Lead in Adopting Political Transparency in the COVID-19 Crisis

Asian Americans in the Boardroom

Reconsidering Activism in France

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