Weekly Roundup: May 8–14, 2020

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This roundup contains a collection of the posts published on the Forum during the week of May 8–14, 2020.

Director Oversight Duties Amidst COVID-19

Stewardship and Shareholder Engagement in Germany

Lessons From the Future—The First Contested Virtual Annual Meeting

COVID-19 and Executive Pay: Initial Reactions and Responses

Boards and the Virus: Seven Perspectives on the Day After

Seven Considerations for Stock Buyback Programs in the Era of COVID-19

First Quarter 2020 Class Actions

Carbon Premium around the World

World Economic Forum Pledges to Stand By Stakeholders in the COVID-19 Era

Navigating Down-Round Financings

Power and Statistical Significance in Securities Fraud Litigation

States are Leading the Charge to Corporate Boards: Diversify!

REITs and COVID-19: 15 Key Issues for Boards as they Chart the Course Forward

Board Leadership and Performance in a Crisis

Reinventing Depositions

Operating in a Pandemic: Securities Litigation Risk and Navigating Disclosure Concerns

Human Capital, Front and Center

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