Weekly Roundup: October 8–14, 2021

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This roundup contains a collection of the posts published on the Forum during the week of October 8–14, 2021.

Corporate Liquidity Provision and Share Repurchase Programs

SEC Form 10-K Comments Regarding Climate-Related Disclosures

Data Governance Tips for Companies Following SEC’s In re App Annie

New York Court on the Enforcement of Federal Forum Provision

Questions to Ask Before Forming a New Board Committee

Crisis Management in the Era of “No Normal”

Should SPAC Forecasts be Sacked?

2022 Proxy and Annual Report Season

Banking-Crisis Interventions, 1257-2019

Sustainability Impact in Investor Decision-Making

Just Say No? Shareholder Voting on Securities Class Actions

Speech by Commissioner Roisman on the U.S. Capital Markets

Going Dark: Speech by Commissioner Lee on The Growth of Private Markets and the Impact on Investors and the Economy

Ninth Circuit on Strict Liability for Direct Listings

Special Committee Report

Comment on Climate Change Disclosures

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