Weekly Roundup: April 10–16, 2020

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This roundup contains a collection of the posts published on the Forum during the week of April 10–16, 2020

Protecting Investors in a Time of Crisis: A Response to Those Who Would Utilize COVID-19 to Eviscerate Investor Protection

The Importance of Disclosure For Investors, Markets and Our Fight Against COVID-19

Government Ownership in the Post Virus World

The Impact of COVID19 on Shareholder Activism

Issuance of Equity to the US Government in Exchange for Aid—Considerations for Boards

Corporate Governance Through Exit and Voice

The Activism Vulnerability Report Q4 2019

Planning for the Possibility that the CEO Tests Positive for COVID-19

Insider Trading Risk During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Politics and Gender in the Executive Suite

Director Fiduciary Duty in Insolvency

Deal Protection Devices

ESG Issues in the Forefront

Trading on Public Trust

SEC Proposal: Improving Access to Capital in Private Markets

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