Weekly Roundup: October 16–22, 2020

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This roundup contains a collection of the posts published on the Forum during the week of October 16–22, 2020.

The Persistence of Fee Dispersion among Mutual Funds

Investing Responsibly: Company Interaction

“Bump-Up Exclusion” Bars Coverage of Settlement of Deal Litigation Claims

Key Takeaways from the New WEF/IBC ESG Disclosure Framework

Acquisition of Majority Ownership May Constitute a “Benefit”

How Executives Can Help Sustain Value Creation for the Long Term

Private Equity and COVID-19

ISS Supports Delaware Choice of Forum Provisions

Are ISS Recommendations Informative? Evidence from Assessments of Compensation Practices

Survey Analysis: ESG Investing Pre- and Post-Pandemic

Preparing to Survive and Thrive Amidst the Next Crisis

Back to the Future? Reclaiming Shareholder Democracy Through Virtual Annual Meetings

Proxy Voting by ERISA Fiduciaries

The Future of Financial Fraud

Do Share Buybacks Really Destroy Long-Term Value?

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