Weekly Roundup: January 21-28, 2021

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This roundup contains a collection of the posts published on the Forum during the week of January 21-28, 2021.

Coordinated Engagements

New LBO Practices May Be Warranted Based on the Nine West Decision

Proposed SEC Rule 144 Amendments

Delaware Supreme Court Affirms AmerisourceBergen Ruling that Company Must Produce Documents

Primary Direct Listings: A Hybrid Approach to a Traditional IPO Alternative

ESG Disclosures: Guiding Principles and Best Practices for Investment Managers

NYSE Proposes to Permanently Amend Stockholder Approval Rules

Corporate Governance, Business Group Governance and Economic Development Traps

Key Takeaways—2020 Board Index

The Future of Audit Oversight

The ESG/TSR Activist “Pincer Attack”

The Changing Face of Activism

Team Production Theory Across the Waves

SEC Enforcement and Public Companies

Gaming the System: Three “Red Flags” of Potential 10b5-1 Abuse

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